Process Audit

Let us put our specialized knowledge to work for you by evaluating your existing systems and equipment to maximize your mailroom efficiency. Our Process Audit involves a detailed examination of your internal and external processes – whether it is department-specific or organization-wide.

Based on our findings, we’ll provide you with practical recommendations. Be it a single product or a suite of solutions. Typically, we give you several options to choose from: from a basic recommendation to meet an immediate need to a comprehensive big-picture solution.

Our Free Process Audit includes:

  • Equipment recommendations based on:
    • Needs and opportunities
    • Compatibility
    • Cost/efficiency analysis
    • Return on investment
  • Analysis of current mailing systems and mail area setup
  • Recommendation around software solutions

Strategic Alliances

As part of our complimentary Process Audit, we identify many opportunities for our clients to improve the way they operate. Sometimes, these areas lie outside of our core expertise. Fortunately, we have several strategic alliances with companies who are available to share their considerable skills. We are happy to discuss this as part of our audit.

Customized Solutions

Accuficient™ Packaged Solutions

Whether complex or mundane, challenges are rarely one-dimensional. That’s why Stielow is committed to customizing a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.

Our Accuficient™ Package Solutions are about addressing the big picture – and pointing out solutions to problems, including those you may have never considered. By bundling complementary products and services, Stielow is able to give you the best possible price.

It begins by conducting a free, no obligation Process Audit to identify needs, gaps and opportunities.

From there we can design a program specifically for your business requirements. The result?

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlined processes
  • Greater cost savings
  • A happier, more productive staff