2Ship® Shipping Solutions

You think you’re getting today’s best price and fastest delivery – but are you? 2Ship® lets you instantly view and compare rates and delivery times from all of your preferred carriers. Side-by-side. Guaranteeing you today’s most competitive price and/or quickest service.

This powerful all-in-one web-hosted solution allows you to integrate all of your shipping and courier accounts into one easy-to-use platform – making statement reconciliation a breeze.

Authorized users can schedule pickups and track shipping progress from anywhere with Internet access.

  • A secure, affordable web-hosted solution
  • No need for internal IT support
  • Nothing to install or support
  • Subscription based
  • Authorized multi-user access

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Quadient Web Tracking System (WTS)

Designed for businesses of any size, Quadient’s Web Tracking System (WTS) provides a full range of convenient services to automate all your inbound delivery requirements.

  • Tracks and monitors the internal movement and complete chain-of-custody for every piece of accountable mail and packages that your company receives
  • Dramatically improves the management of internal delivery processes by increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs
  • Available as a cloud-based or on-site solution

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